Educate, Motivate & Elevate!

IM Workshops are designed to help individuals reach their highest potentials. Sharpening mental faculties strengthens one’s ability to perform (skills) and produce (achieve).

Get yourself, your staff, your team or whom ever you require or desire to be their best with IM-Workshops. 

We activate the mental domains of active memory, evaluation and judgement, reasoning, and computation, problem-solving and decision making, comprehension and production of language, raising one’s aptitude and opportunities to succeed.  


Mindset Shifting

Mindset Shifting: understanding how the mind works and how we think with our minds.  A series of subjective assessments are given to individuals allowing them to analyze themselves by how they see themselves. 

The assessment results are based on the individual’s answers and view of self, assessments are analyzed, dissected, and explored to uncover and discover the actual and not the ideal which prompts a strong sense of self-awakening.


Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence: understanding self and what makes us tick or not.  How we deal with people, places and things is all about how real we are with ourselves not how much we know. Individuals learn to Face, Embrace, Cope and Deal with Why they are and not so much Who.

The anatomy of the body is examined touching the elements of the body that has to do with emotions, feelings, action, and behaviors. This is not a clinical nor is it medically diagnosing individuals; its result-driven and thought-based theories used in the fields of psychology, holistic therapy and human services field assisting people to get out of their own way.   BEST SERVICE!  


Team Leadership

Team Leadership: knowing how to influence others is a skill and art that calls for a superb sense of insight about self and others.  More importantly, understanding what leadership is, what it consists of and what it calls for to lead others. 

Understanding how to lead in a business setting: team structure, leadership strategy and style, building and inspiring are critical elements to assembling a performance-based team.


Workforce Intelligence, Readiness, & Literacy

Workforce Intelligence, Readiness and Literacy: the skill and intelligence to navigate and comply while leading the competition to find a job and pave a career path.

WIRL provides the most up-to-date, cutting-edge technique and wisdom in seeking, finding, landing a job in tight and/or lose job markets.



BEAST Mode: Entrepreneurs are taken from a one-man army to a fully functioning company.  CEO’s are created through learning, applying, and executing corporate planning, operations, and sustainability. 

There is task required mentally and physically the head of the organization is responsible for at the same time accountable for the outcomes.  Learning how to GROW a company, understanding company ranking and how to achieve it, and lastly make an IMPACT.