I M O T I V A T E !

Invading your Frequency With The Truth.

Believe It, Pursue It, Do It

I have been in business since 1997 starting out as a resume writer obtaining my business certificate for Presentable Resumes Consultation Services; helping friends and referrals build distinctive resumes winning favor in the job market. In 2004 I got the opportunity to work directly in the recruiting industry at AppleOne Staffing where I began my journey first, shifting perceptions that optimize talents in relating to job opportunities holistically and ending in 2008 at Spherion both leading staffing agencies nationally. 

Running a full-desk generating 80k through recruiting; I knew I had what it took to bring the best out of people and help them achieve their goals.  At that same time; I was civically active as an advocate and community leader; I was called to stand up and with the people so I incorporated my own nonprofit May 3, 2010. In 2012 I had to leave IBM to take care of my mother full-time due to a stroke that paralyzed her left-side. I went full-steam ahead; for three years I changed the lives of formerly incarcerated individuals by helping them gain their independence and live law-abiding lifestyles. 

During that time I continued to run Presentable Resumes full-service career development company, office space on Layfette Avenue in the Bronx. In 2015 NTheLoop.Org sponsor lost funding ending the program. Thereafter, I partnered with community based organizations to house the program and keep it running until my father took sick with cancer. I stopped entrepreneurship and went back to school studying psychology graduating with my Master’s in 2017. Rebounding I formed Elevated Mindsets company helping job seekers and/or professionals transition in the job market as thinkers addressing the skills-gap epidemic and global shift birthing Workforce Intelligence positioning people to win.   

I did all of this taking care of my parents “hear my story” in 2019 I had a major shift; God confirmed my walk STAY MOTIVATED was born.  After joining the RichWay networking program, quickly advancing to paid facilitator; I was also coaching my peers. There is where my power was established and today; I run a full-service mentoring and coaching program stemming from my life experiences, success, spiritual elevation, education, connections and becoming a certified life coach assist people BECOME the best version of themselves. 

​I AM TheGr8Motivator.


Nichole Speaks...

Our story is his glory which is all in our journey to be. From the day we are born to the day we die we strive to define ourselves (who we are) and live a purposed life (why we are). Experience purpose, passion and power in one entity; willing, prepared and ready to spread light and deliver the truth that set people free and the ability to spread their wings and soar!


Mental Health Ambassador

Mood Disorders ARE NOT A Mental Ilness!

It has become gravely important to address the miseducation, misunderstanding and miscatergorizing of mood disorders as a mental illness. Individuals with heighten sensory systems are misdiagnosed and mistreated with psychoactive drugs creating an epidemic.  This must stop!!!  Please join the movement #dontjudge #geteducated
Beyond Average clothing line represents Mood Disorders not being a Mental Illness; help us reach, support and even save a life.  Purchase yours here


Grassroots and Community Leader

NTheLoop.Org "The People's Voice"

Being active was never a problem; civically involved stemming from her roots. Thus gaining hands on experience and insight from active participation in Bronx District 12 City Councilman’s campaign in 2009 & 2012, sharpened the lens of what the government system is, the players, the roles and the politics. 

As a result, it had become ever so clear the need for people to educate themselves; adding insult to injury, the overwhelming lack of informed, prepared and inclusion of the people on government issues, concerns and actions from local government entities was ever so present and REAL. The assignment was accepted and the journey began.



Issa Mentality; Greatness Is Built!


Achieve Your Goals

Bringing Visions To Life

as a business concept strategist, clients are given the blueprint to bringing their vision to reality; from idea to actuality.

Nichole has launched two businesses; a non-for-profit operating programs effectively changing lives in her community and beyond and a for-profit helping people/leaders reach their fullest potentials and achieve their goals.


  • Start-ups

  • Concepts to visions

  • Optimize performance and Production 

  • Industrial Organization and more


Positioning People To Win

Committed to Quality

Building business executives and strategic thinkers in growing business in to Empires that impact the world. 

Business to Business, cost-effective, solutions for the one-man army - The Entrepreneur.  Our partners were built with you in mind, the boss with many hats running a fully operational company without housing or needing a workforce. 

Product & Services

  • Lead Generations

  • Business Protection

  • Additional Stream of Income

  • Marketing, Financing, Branding


Presenting Your Best

Service with Intelligence!

Equip yourself with the mental ability and capacity to effortlessly navigate globalized job markets.

Nichole is a goddess at building Purpose Driven Resumes. The use of emotive language keeps her clients out of the competing pool and straight into the Desired pile; #period.


  • Workforce Intelligence

  • Communicating Wisdom

  • Workforce Readiness &

Workplace literacy



Exercise Your Right To Be

Explore, Discover, Reflect and Realize You

Access you brings forth the idea of a person to actuality in applying corrective behavior techniques to personally develop. The use of subject assessments gives audience a self-reflective insight and  heighten self-awareness in order to evolve, self -actualize and manifest purpose.   


  • Mindset (fixed, mixed, growth)

  • Personality (alpha, delta, beta, gamma)

  • Characteristics (whale, dolphin, otter, shark)

  • Learning Style (seeing, hearing, doing)