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Audience/Client Testimonials


Straight from the horses mouth; clients express their experience mentoring with Nichole Singleton ~ TheGr8Motivator.

Pastor Siobhan Elston.jpg

It is with great pleasure and an Honor to share in my Life changing experience. Three words that define my journey. Tears, Fears, Hear. TheGr8Motivator spoke 2 words . NO EXCUSES.

She cleared my tears, spoke to my fears and I HEARD !!. HER STYLE ,COMPASSION, and WISDOM is given by GOD and through her is poured into us. This Life/Career Focus was one of the best investments of my Life.


Pastor Siobhan Elston OHIO !!!

Nichole Singleton is one of the kindest,most amazing person i ever know, a very true soul and generous, Being her mentee with STAY MOTIVATED program has been a real life changing for me, she played a major part in setting up my business,i am proud to call her my friend.

Abdoul Madjid Saley, Founder YouVision

"Never have I met someone with a name that identifies them better than Nichole Thegr8tmotivator. From the first time speaking with her it inspired me beyond my imagination, no exaggeration by no means. I carry her words personally and business wise very seriously, while always holding me accountable for my goals and dreams as she speaks so genuinely to me. I will always consider her my friend and motivator for life."

Anthony Mitchell, Author NO SWEAT

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Ashley Moore.jpg

Working with Nichole you feel like you are on the top of world. It is the energy that she brings. Her energy alone is enough motivation. It catapults and you feel like you can do anything with that energy.

Nichole has helped me become more clear and strategic in my business. She gave me a plan and I executed. Because of it I am where I am because of it. Nichole is dedicated and passionate about helping others. She gives from a place of love. She does not want to leave anyone behind. I am honored to have been coached by Nichole.

Tracie Osborne, CEO Tracie Osborne Coaching "No Yelling Movement"

"You always bring the energy and a positive outlook, which is why I enjoy your coaching. I would absolutely recommend you to any business owner that needs motivation, clarity, and a sounding board. In the beginning of our sessions, the other org I joined, Richway, (with the workbook and what’s app) distracted me a bit and I didn’t get value out of it. I got much more value meeting with you 1:1 and getting your direct feedback and recommendations. I would have easily done business with you without Richway."

Natasha Taplin, CEO BlackWoman.Biz

I don't even know where to start so I will just start in the beginning. I came across Nichole during one of Facebook Live videos. Watching her was something like I'd never seen before.

Not only was the message directly what I needed at that time, but there was genuineness that resonated in me. From the moment I started working there has been nothing but continued growth. Growth in myself and in my business. Nichole understands that in order for the business to succeed that the INDIVIDUAL running the business must succeed.

Ashley Moore, CEO Moore Allies

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