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No Excuses, ALL ACTION!

With Nichole as your acting COO, everything goes as planned. Corporate structuring at its finest, building sustainability through brand quality.



Build A Team & Win

Start Your Fearless & Unapologetic Legacy Journey

  1. Are you serious about your vision?

  2. Is the purpose greater than you?

No Excuses...It's all on you!

I DO NOT accept new members who have not been qualified; please set up your free 15-minute discovery session to see if this is where you belong. 

Vision/Motivational Advisory Program


I DO NOT accept new members if they have not been qualified. If you have not had your free-intro session, please schedule​ OR complete the following form below "Stay Motivated Qualifying Questionnaire" and I will contact you according to your commitment date.

12 month Commitment

Achieve Your Goals

Clear Thoughts

Control your thinking, turn wild thoughts into powerful achievable ideas.

Accountability & Responsibility

Stay on top of task, deadlines and goals.

Weekly Sessions/Monthly Board Meeting

Consistency breeds success, sharpening the mind, body and soul.

Team Building

Creating the core of the vision that holds the idea together, the starting five.


Build, develop and grow ideas into concepts breeding visions into reality.


Apply corporate principles, disciplines and methodologies behind business success.


Watch your vision come alive in front of your eyes; MAM "measure, analyze and monetize" plan, steps and results.

Book Free Discovery Session

Temycka Carpenter




Nichole Singleton  a.k.a The Great Motivator believed in me and my dream and said move and I moved just like that even with the unknown and all of the unorthodox measures.

But one thing for sure she is definitely the truth when it comes to mental astuteness she will get you mentally all the way right ...

2021 Its My Time...

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