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Issa Mentality


As an entrepreneur or visionary, staying motivated is essential to success. Stay Motivated professional and personal vision and motivational mentoring program offers the tools and techniques needed to stay focused on achieving desired goals. The program instructs, guides, and teaches visionaries how to develop visions of purpose into reality with result-driven business intelligence and self-actualizing practices.


To address the economic disparities of Black women, and beyond through business intelligence, mental astuteness and motivation. We strive to create legacy brands by transforming entrepreneurs into executives who make an impact. Our focus is on growth; we work towards cognitive development, potency and performance for bosses so that they can become fearless leaders with unapologetic spirits while rising above their limited beliefs, fears and insecurities. Ultimately we empower greatness within individuals as well as businesses.


TheGr8Motivator Inc. is a parent company that seeks to empower entrepreneurs and visionaries through its two subsidiaries, Stay Motivated, Presentable Resumes, and Nimble.HI. Our mission is to provide individuals with the tools they need to think like a boss, by offering professional and personal development outlets that help them structure their thoughts, organize their ideas, and increase their mental capacity. We strive for excellence in our services so that our community can reach new heights of success in whatever field or endeavor they choose!


Nichole~TheGr8Motivator is a powerful force in the professional and personal development space. She has created an incredible suite of services, products, and more to help entrepreneurs and visionaries achieve their goals. Nichole strongly believes that self-knowledge is essential for success; her purpose is to empower clients with the tools they need to actualize their potentials. Her offerings include advisory services, consultations, a training academy, membership program, and free community – all designed with one goal in mind: helping you reach your fullest potential!​

FCF "Fundamental Capital Fund"

Planting The Seeds....

Leveraging The Economic Playing Field

FCF balance the economic scale for entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses.  The lack of capital for entrepreneurs to grow a vision into greatness is scarce as it takes funds and more to grow a business.   Our "Support Us" facebook group promote and support our own daily yet more is needed.

If you are an investor and/or angel giver become a pourer of the FCF "Fundamental Capital Funds" program helping visionaries and leaders as entrepreneurs achieve their business goals and make an impact.  Entrepreneur's can start strong with clarity, competence and confidence of having the financial means to make things happen. Join the mission and support entrepreneur's everywhere make a difference. 

Disclaimer: FCF House is not about dividing, discrimination or prejudice. We are not a non-for-profit. We are a subsidiary of Stay Motivated, LLC our sole purpose is to provide the funding avenues for entrepreneurs to equitably grow their businesses. 

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