Issa Mentality

Stay Motivated, DBA is a professional and personal motivational mentoring program which instruct, guide, and teach visionaries on developing visions of purpose into reality with result-driven and thought based self-actualizing techniques, models, framework and theories in achieving goals and manifesting success. 


Addressing the disparity of the economic playing field for black women and beyond by developing business intelligence, savviness and mindset to start, operate, and build a profitable business evolving from entrepreneurs to business executives making an impact.  

  • Catering to growth; cognitive development, potency and performance of successful individuals. 

  • Manufacture fearless and unapologetic spirits in rising above limited beliefs, fears and insecurities.

  • Empower greatness.


TheGr8Motivator Inc. is the parent company of Stay Motivated, DBA; Elevated Mindset, DBA and Presentable Resumes, DBA. A host of professional and personal developmental outlets helping individuals structure, organize, and improve their mental ability and capacity to be successful.


Nichole Singleton is the mastermind behind the whole suite of professional and personal development services, products and more. She strongly believes in self-actualizing through self-knowledge in order to survive the process of success and reach fullest potentials.  


  • BE Institute | Where Greatness Is Built

  • Presentable Resumes | Service with Intelligence

  • Elevated Mindsets | Positioning People To Win