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I M O T I V A T E !

Invading your Frequency with The Truth.

Motivational Speaker/Business Mentor


Nichole Singleton is an inspiring entrepreneur who has built a successful business empire despite facing numerous personal and professional challenges: mother paralyzed from a stroke in 2012, Father diagnosed with cancer 3 times currently fighting, loss of her fiance in 2017, her sister in 2018 and her only son in 2022. 

Presentable Resumes, founded in 1997 and established in 2008, was her first enterprise. She then expanded her services to address the skills gap in the job market with Nimble HI, a workforce intelligence company that focuses on motivation within the workplace and how economic shifts affect employability, along with advocating for the formerly incarcerated through her non-for-profit NTheLoop Org Inc from 2010-2015 . Nichole believes it’s essential for entrepreneurs to create sustainable businesses rather than struggling ones.

Today, as an employee-preneur running two separate businesses while working at one of the world’s top tech companies, Nichole is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs start their own ventures and/or grow their vision; she motivates radical faith and unshakeable belief on their journey of entrepreneurship.



Nichole Speaks...


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