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Hello, I'm Missie..Founder & CEO of Skin & Culture LLC! A quick synopsis...I created my own tropical skincare line of decadent sugar scrubs in 2018. Not having any real sense of what I was doing really...or getting myself into...I just listened to my heart at that moment. Prior to debuting my line...I had no business loans, no business savvy about marketing (even though I earned a high grade in college for marketing..) I was also a college dropout but always very blessed with being able to speak well...communicate well...And people gravitated to me because they wanted a good laugh and they knew I was about God and enjoying life! Fast forward...I've come into my own self being not by starting a business. But by merely listening to where God was taking me. Technically, anyone can open a business. But, to be successful in takes work and a strong headed bull like myself that simply will not take 'NO' for an answer. I have come to terms that being an indie brand in skincare isn't my gift. I absolutely love creating my sugar scrubs but I knew in my wasn't going to be my story's end. I knew God had something else in mind that resignated within my skillset and within my reach! Which was writing!


As I was struggling to keep my new business afloat...I still felt something was missing...A piece of the puzzle still needed to be put into place. But I had no idea what it was...I just felt I needed to do something else that was more of who I am genuinely. And making these sugar scrubs baby, was NOT it. So, I continued to put on a brave face until further notice from God! I knew he had my assignment...but I had to get into alignment! I chose to continue posting on social media platforms...pretending and faking that I was this joyous business owner. Not even making any revenue for the business. Just sinking deeper & deeper into more debt and making pennies on the dollar. In addition to retail jobs which didn't allow for any flexibility or upgrades! (Think about that, no money on the money in the business...and you’re still rocking your poker face!) SERIOUSLY GOD? After all I've already endured...This is it? (I'm asking God and feeling so let down) I had blew through my entire 6K tax refund check on my start up business. Spending thousands ordering inventory and paying a professional website designer 2K alone. (U don't want to know the rest!) Money here... money there...paying for my LLC licensure & tax fees...Shall I go on? I mean I even paid a professional beauty brand consultant...that was $600. (Uugghh!) You get where I'm going with this right? So, yeah...I over invested because I was overly excited and did not count the costs! In my 2-year time frame...God was still working behind the scenes with me and I didn't even know it! The beauty in this...God sees all...He knows all...He knew I'd waste time, money and effort. But in spite of this hardship...He also, revealed in me a fresh anointing. So, here I am...lost, naked and confused. (And short on cash flow...Very short!) I had summoned my strong advocate to call me at home because I'd read a post of hers that required a conversation. And this strong advocate just so happens to be NICHOLE SINGLETON. (The queen of being fearless & unapologetic!) Nichole was busy at the moment and kindly advised me to wait on her call back. I did just that...And she kept her word! She indeed called me back and in the midst of conversing...Nichole blurted out "I think God is using your scrubs as a catalyst!!!!" Those were her exact words to me. I felt so relieved and so excited simultaneously because I knew skincare wasn't my gift! I tried to make it into my gift but it was just a talent. Not my gift. The Bible says your gift will make room for you. Not your passion, not your hobby, not your talent. God says your GIFT! And that's when I knew in my soul that Nichole was who God sent to reveal my gift. In this same conversation, I shared with Nichole that I've been thinking about writing and possibly even blogging. (I've been writing literally since my elementary school years...Poems mostly back then) I digress...Nichole anxiously said "Missie, I want your 1st blog ready on Monday!!! I was thinking ….What the heck??? Is she crazy??? Like, I literally thought Nichole was tripping!!!! She said to me "Missie, I'm not playing! You have until Monday and I want to see it posted on Facebook!" OMG! Right at that moment, I knew she wasn't playing with me. It was Friday & I hadn't written in sooooo long! I had no idea how she expected me to get anything going in such a short amount of time!!! I'd never blogged in my life...I hadn't written anything about anything in years, and how was I going to get my subject? I was so scared. But HALLELUJAH JESUS….IT GOT DONE! I actually didn't have anything ready on that Monday as Nichole had demanded but that mandate, she put on me...was the fire ignited for my next level of greatness! I cannot express how that conversation changed the course of my life!!!!


I've been blogging my soul away with celebrity interviews, brand influencers, events & much more on my personal brand blog...SKIN & CULTURE...THE BEAUTY BLOG. (Beauty, Lifestyle & Culture blog) I know that God uses people to relay a specific message and he used a beautiful woman of His likeness...My mentor and my friend...Nichole Singleton! I cannot explain or express enough how grateful I am for that phone conversation that sticks with me today...Forever embedded in my heart. That conversation wasn't about making something magical happen...God had already fulfilled my gift since before I was born...He just needed to send a ram in the bush to make it plain! And God did just that….He made it very plain through his devout vessel Nichole. I've been blogging since August of 2019. I've been writing since a child. All God did was bring it full circle! I've been told 'No' by celebrities and magazines and for every no...God gives me 3 more 'Yes's! Rejection is great for my motivation...It let's me know I've gotta go harder! It shows me that consistency is a must in anything I want to manifest! Period. So with that being said...I am grateful and thankful to be able to write on new levels and transcend my work to the public. I have my own Virtual Assistant who has amazing resources, she's experienced, accredited, competitive and competent in virtual leadership for my blog publishing that is simply on fire..🔥 Her business is on all major Social Media (black owned & highly valued) I recommend anyone who needs professional services in regards to savvy business needs to contact Tyra Johnson-Brown immediately. Her work ethics are phenomenal and she's the right one for professional services serving entrepreneurs who want it DONE RIGHT! She mostly works with women owned 'fempreneurs'. I advocate only the best. Please reach out to myself or Tyra if your in the market for help with your online business needs or just need a leveling up for your brand/business. This lady is my go to for everything Skin & Culture related! She will definitely upgrade you! (And not take all your money while doing it!) I've already warned her that my next writing venture will be Hollywood related so she's going to have to drop everything else she's doing to proofread my script for submission. (Sorry Tyra) HA!


This writing life as I know it. There's no turning back. There's absolutely no regrets. There's only new manifestations & new growth! This Corona Virus has nothing on what God is doing. His plans are validated and concrete. I find it even more important for me to continue my journey of becoming a better writer because this is what dreams are made of. Only the strong survive….and when I look in the mirror each day...I realize nothing was really a waste of my time. It was only stepping stones to greatness! Each time I felt like giving up...I had God to remind me of His only begotten son...King Jesus...Who saved my soul. I've been through some raging storms...but God never let me fall from His precious grace. I belong to the Most High God….isn't He worth my praise? YES, HE IS. My skincare business failed but look at God!!! Still I rise...HALLELUJAH JESUS! YOU ARE WORKING...YOU ARE WORTHY & YOU ARE A WONDER!!!!


*MY GRANDMOTHER 🥀 (You are smiling in Heaven because of this!!!!)

*TYRA JOHNSON BROWN: My amazing personal virtual assistant who I respect & appreciate to the utmost! God sent me to you! (we're going onto new levels sis!)

*SKIN & CULTURE: THE BEAUTY BLOG SUPPORT TEAM, FANS, SUBSCRIBERS: God knew I'd need you in my life! Please keep supporting my brand. It's only getting sweeter & sweeter! I love you & I sincerely thank you!

*NICHOLE SINGLETON: There's not enough 'Missie' to prove to you that I absolutely love & adore you. There's not even time on tell you how your mandate for me to write pushed me into my destiny! There's just not enough sis...And I'm sorry for that. But what I can say is I THANK GOD FOR YOU! I was in my feelings about how you stated to write so soon without even realizing this was from GOD. I then realized after my first published blog...THIS IS IT!!! THIS IS MY FLOW...MY GIFT TO THE WORLD. I am so ecstatic about what God is doing in your life and I'm grateful to be a part of that. YOU ARE ALSO A CONCRETE ROSE!!!!

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