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2024 Tour

In this gathering, it's not just about reciting the Word, but truly embodying it. As mentioned in Hebrews 4:12, "For the Word of God is alive and active." We aim to go beyond mere quotation and instead activate the power within us, as the greater force within us is more powerful than anything in the world.

Join us to replenish your soul, ignite your spirit, and charge your will. Prepare to experience a profound and transformative event that will fuel your inner being. Let us come together to activate our faith and embrace the living Word.

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The Power of I AM!

Tour dates and locations are subject to ticket sales. If you would like to have The Power of I AM in your state or city let me know and let's make it happen at info@thegr8motivator.comVENDORS: We are always looking for keepers on assignment. Please note vending products/services must be relative to personal development and/or spiritual elevation. Fill out the vending form to learn more. SPEAKERS: If you would like to be a speaker, please contact my booking assistant at to discuss speaker participation. I am always looking to collaborate and make room for gifts.  SPONSORS: If you would like to contribute in any shape, form or fashion, please contact our sponsorship executive at:

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Committed to Empowering The Masses!

This event goes beyond the ordinary, as it revolves around embracing your true self and confidently standing in authority. Many people talk about it, but few truly embody it. The Word is not just a collection of passages or stories to be recited; it holds the power to transform you from within.

While chasing desires may seem enticing, the ultimate goal lies in finding fulfillment. We acknowledge that money alone cannot bring happiness; it merely masks the wounds. It is time for us to take charge of our own spiritual well-being, engaging in self-doctoring, spiritual surgery, healing, and personal growth.

Prepare for an extraordinary lineup of influential figures who are dedicated to doing the work. You may already be familiar with some of them, while others might be new to you. Regardless, their presence promises an undeniable transformation and a remarkable transition in your life.

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Motivational Speaker


Inspring thought leaders in their respective fields of personal and career development deliver the encouragement and fuel required to BE without permission.  This is all about the walk nothing else. Life changing testimonies, soul shifting victories and earth shaking faith igniting the will to become.

Reading Aloud in Classroom


Enjoy a full day of transformation and transitional activities that will help you evolve and your business elevate.  We take theory and put it to practice, its not all talk its action.

Shopping Spree


All the tools, instruments, resources and much more you need to keep your momentum to be.  There will be products and services you can use to assist you on your journey of purpose and prosperity.

Conference Break Time


All work no play makes the wold a bitter place to be.  Enjoy good food, great music and positive vibes as we network the rest of the day away. Take pictures, connect, engage and build with other purposely living and driving beings.

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