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Elite Vision & Motivational mentorship w/ Nichole ensures you immediately structure, organize, your vision then operate and lead a profitable business.  Prosperity is gained through  clarity, competence and confidence to fearlessly and unapologetically grow a business.  As an advisor you will receive operational direction, intellectual guidance and strategic development of building a business that stands the test of time while watching your vision come to life. 


Advisement is a 12-month commitment as a monthly retainer tailored to the business. Business advisement is not the same as board of directors or members. A business advisor works hand-in-hand with the principal (owner) of the business which can also be the CEO or not and has no investment. 

As the head of the corporation, you will...​

  • learn, 

  • apply

  • succeed

-with the business essentials behind operational efficiency & excellence.  

Business Engineering

  1. Models: defines the manner by which the business enterprise delivers value to customers, entices customers to pay for value, and converts those payments to profit. 

  2. Frameworks: describes the corporate organization or management structure or may generally outline company policies, procedures and management

  3. Architecture: articulates the functional structure of an enterprise in terms of its business services and business information.  

Develop Elemental Landscape

  • Forming/Structure

  • Research/Development

  • Marketing/Sales

  • Finance/Funding

  • Production/Manufacturing

  • Distribution/Logistics

  • Human Resources/Workforce Intelligence

Materials & Tools


  • Stay Motivated Handbook

  • Business Forms/Templates

  • Planning, Designing and Execution Tools and more.

 Get in touch to learn more.

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