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A Mentoring Environment of Likeminds!

It's here a community of upper thinking, building, collaborating, connecting and engaging with others to reach greater heights. Every member sharpens the other as we encourage each other on our journey. 

Along with Nichole ~ TheGr8Motivator providing the tools and direction from the Father-YAHWEH to successfully lead you to prosperity.

Note: SipOnIt membership is not a mentorship and differs from the vision/motivational mentoring program. Please make sure you check before you subscribe. To join mentoring program click here.


About FUNation

Leveraging The Economic Playing Field

FU Nation balance the economic scale for black/brown entrepreneurs and small- business owners building their latter to success.  "Black Out" is every day in FUNation as we promote and support our own daily.

Become a member and share your greatness with your own and beyond.

Join the mission and support black/brown businesses even those beyond are welcome.

Disclaimer: FUNation is not about dividing, discrimination or prejudice. It’s sole purpose is to promote black/brown business as other nation's do for their own.  


SupportUs Platform

The Black/Brown Shopping Mall

All things black/brown will be brought, showcased and sold here.  Quarterly pop-up shops to the public/masses promoting entrepreneurs and small businesses helping reach more people and raise brand awareness.   It is ever so important that we take action and buy black/brown and not just say it. We are all we got and all we need, Buy Black Every Day!


SIPONIT Discussions

No Distractions

Grown Folks Talk, no sugar coating and back stroking.  We explore, discover, reflect, and realize our truth. Building your being to becoming the best version of you requires looking in the mirror on all aspects, seeking and most of all willing.  We cover all topics (i.e. mental health vs mood disorders or the MBA system for your business) we sip our tea, coffee, wine, water, or juice and keep it real.


Focus Groups

No Distractions

Improving calls for extreme focus to fix a issue or problem and to overcome and rise above challenges and obstacles.  At Focus we face each element of the discussion, examine to improve and elevate to progress. Focus groups cover all topic of professional and personal development.


Welcome To The Forum

Connect, Engage & Build

Get to know each other; here you are welcome to network. In fact, we encourage it.

  • Promote who you are, what you do

  • Share your thoughts, suggestions

  • Engage with others, start conversations


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