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  1. Work on your vision, 

  2. Plan every step,

  3. Count every move and


Business Vision/Motivational Mentor

1-on-1: Greatness is Built

Start Your Fearless & Unapologetic Journey

  1. Are you serious about your vision?

  2. Do you have a purpose?

  3. Are you ready to achieve your goals?

No Excuses...It's all up to you!

I DO NOT accept any new members before being qualified; please set up your free 15 minute discovery session to see if this is where you belong. 

Project Consultation

Satisfaction Guaranteed

F O C U S on one area at a time with project consultation.  Build smarter not faster or harder.  Each business element have several components requiring master of skills, understanding and ability to execute and succeed. 


1. Start-up: Forming (ownership)

2. R & D (Research and Development)

3. Finance 

4. Production/Distribution

5. Sales/Marketing

6 Human Resources

TNT | Wellness Coaching

Let Go, Move on, Be Happy!

Transformation and Transitional Guidance.

Suffering from lost, abandonment, abuse and/or neglect? The trauma of it all holding you back and you can't seem to shake it.

  • It's time...

Rise over the pain; Overcome the hurt, and Breakthrough the barriers that’s been holding you still/back. #nomore #moveon #startnow

Career Development

Don't Compete!

Give your resume personality and employers a breath of fresh air.  The match goes far beyond the skill-set and we project just that; the FIT. 

Career Portfolio 

$250 (4-week consultation)

(additional consultation available at $25/hour.)

·        Resume building!

·        Job search assistance

·        Employment prospecting & targeting

·        Professional e-mail address

·        Interview prepping & follow-up.

·        Negotiating 

·        Occupation Outlook

·        Market Insight


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