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What Participants Are Saying...

The IP Session was an eye opener for me. I knew a little about trademarking, patents, copyrights and getting a domain name for your business. But, Nichole took it to an entire new level. She brought value of having your Intellectual Property being fully protected down to your hashtags, the words, concepts, and ideas, pretty much you as an individual being protected. Your personal band vs. your business brand.

The 2020 vision focus group provided clarity and also a workbook that will be released in January where she will show how to use it with weekly meetings to fully go in depth about your goals, the plan, how to achieve them, and if you made results or not and why. I recommend both sessions whether you are new or already in business. I still have a lot of mindset work to do within myself. But Nichole methods are nothing but the truth. Stay motivated, regardless. You owe to yourself to attend a session the next time it is offered, if it will be free by then or not, you are worth it to invest in yourself. Keep going and dont quit.

Carla Scott, Free IP Session

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