Self-Manifestation - The Human Metamorphosis

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Getting the best out of yourself requires your undivided attention, a magnifying view of your behavior, attitude, actions, thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Life is not easy for anyone juggling a family, career, parts and roles in life while trying to live up to social norms within the parameters of society expectations.

The more complex life is the more eager we are, as beings, to survive.

While trying to reach our highest potentials and live a fulfilled life. It’s hard to honestly confront yourself (the man in the mirror) without feeling like a punching bag or through bias eyes without seeming negative. Life is not easy; it’s difficult and most times seem damn near impossible. However, it is necessary as a result you must Face you, Embrace you, Cope with you and Deal with you to actualize and manifest your ideal life to reality.

Life is all about transformation; from a dark planet to a world hosting life; from a fetus to an adult and from being made to being created evolution is a must in order for any living thing to live healthy, happy and meaningful lives. The caterpillar turns into a butterfly manifesting into its true-self, fulfilling its purpose.

The Human-Metamorphosis is the same concept; thus, the process is more intense and contingent upon the human consciousness of one’s choice to actualize unlike animals or plants bound by design vs. conception.

Most of us are stuck in the caterpillar stage even if we possess materialistic wealth; our true self is comprised as a result affect everything around us. Self-Manifestation requires a look at self; how much we know, how much we don’t and/or what we didn't notice, more importantly, are we willing to change. It is a process; The Process of Truth brings peace, freedom, joy and happiness in every aspect of life. Understanding and having a keen insight of “You” is growth. There is no such thing as LUCK, when you have self-knowledge Greatness is BUILT.

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