Business Essentials For The Beginner

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

The whole thought of being in business is exciting, you can get lost in the mere fact of working for yourself. Your adrenaline starts rushing at the idea of moving at your own pace, calling all the shots and making money on your own.


until business introduces itself and you realize that you may have misinterpreted business and what being a BOSS is really all about. In essence business is complex and a beast all in itself. One should understand the nature of the beast (business) before taking on the title boss. A boss runs the company and for the sake of entrepreneurs they operate the business because in most cases an entrepreneur is a one man shop however it’s how you function that separates growth from failure or success, at any level.

From Entrepreneur to a BEAST "Business Executive And Strategic Thinker"

Thus, anyone pursuing being a boss, in other words, starting a business must understand its elements; what makes a company a company and what makes it profitable and successful. There is a difference in essence between profitable and successful. Many companies may be profitable but not successful because they may have missed their objective and scope for the business. Growth is not only about the money generated from product/service sales, it’s about balancing the whole business as you grow; payroll, investments, expansion, finance and so forth.

As a result, at one point in time you will need to implement all the components of a business to function at full-capacity. This is a mindset of Global Thinkers, not the dreamer, when speaking of growing a business; knowledge of business essentials is the first quality successful bosses possess, period. Don’t get so caught up in having all these elements in place at one time either, NO…get caught up in intellectually and strategically incorporating each element, gain a clear picture of the business architecture and its machinery as your blueprint to being a Successful Boss.


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