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I Am Nichole, and proud to be. I have achieved what most don't and many professionals say I can't; be happy to be me. I have been diagnosed with bipolar, anxiety and depression yet I have graduated college, I am an entrepreneur, I am a care giver for both of my parents, and I am a single mother to a 19 year old son who has never been incarcerated or in police custody and have 14 full-basketball scholarships. I AM mentally Capable is what I am.


Mood Disorders ARE NOT A Mental Ilness


Mood Disorders vs Mental Illness

Knowing the diference makes all the difference in how we see ourselves. The right knowledge allows us to accurately remedy our own biologocial deficits which are flaws that we all have.

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Rise, Overcome, & Break Through

Address the miseducation and stigma faced with the label mental illness or mood disorder and acknowledge mood disorders for what they are, be accountable for providing the right information and responsible for making sure we are living healthy lifestyles. The moment of truth will generate impactful buzz with a talk that will shed light on your audience.

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F. E. C.D. is a technique/model used to help over active sensory systems to regulate their emotions, control their feelings, and balance their impulses.


Mood Disorders ARE NOT A Mental Illness!

Setting the Record Straight.

No shame, all gain is TheGr8Motivator's motto. Speaking the truth has always been in her blood. After receiving her master's degree in psychology, successfully helping people transform in low income communities by way of her nonprofit organization NTheLoop.Org and continued research and study as she peruse her doctrines made it ever so clear mood disorders are not a mental illness.  

Speaking up, out and against the miscategorization, misdiagnosis, mistreatment and stigma that severely damages our society’s fabric more so people lives. It’s time to function organically like we were created to and not by medicine.  Your audience will feel liberated and motivated to accept who they are, inspired to be the best version of themselves and empowered to be fearless and unapologetic about who they are.


Keynote Speaking

Mood Disorder | Mental Illness Awareness