Vision/Motivational Mentoring Program


I DO NOT accept new members if they have not been qualified. If you have not had your free-intro session, please schedule.


Complete the following form below "Stay Motivated Qualifying Questionnaire" and I will contact you according to your commitment date.

12 month Commitment

Achieve Your Goals

Clear Thoughts

Control your thinking, turn wild thoughts into powerful achievable ideas.

Accountability & Responsibility

Stay on top of task, deadlines and goals.

Weekly Sessions

Consistency breeds success, sharpening the mind, body and soul.


Grow. Evolve. Manifest. with personalized training sessions building business skills.


Mindset Shifting/Strengthening


Mentoring Work-handbook, daily schedule and organizer


Watch your vision come alive in front of your eyes; MAM "measure, analyze and monetize" plan, steps and results.


Business Executive and Strategic Thinker

No Excuses!

  1. Confidently start your business

  2. Marry your passion with business and/or

  3. Find your purpose; either way grow in the right direction!

Business is much more than just a name and logo; its about operating at full capacity growing, evolving and succeeding. 

As a member you learn, understand and execute business intelligence birthed from the development of a master mindset, global mentality and prominent character-traits necessary to run a profitable business.

With a clear but simple mission of helping and inspiring others, With Nichole~TheGr8Motivator you will grow, evolve and manifest. 

By providing the right tools and knowledge you'll unleash hidden potentials, pave the way towards both personal and professional success. Get in touch to learn more.

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With All Your Heart





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