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$9.99 mo.

MIND OVER MATTER! Get out of your own way, stop blocking you and go from being your own enemy to your own super hero. YOUR time is now, right here you become fearless about your journey and unapologetic about your transformation.


$29.99 mo.

Start Your Business Right!  The proper forming of a company (Inc, llc, etc.) accompanied by strategic implementation of business models, architectures and frameworks provides your business a competitive edge, attractive attributes for investors and increase profitability.



RUN YOUR COMPANY LIKE THE BOSS YOU ARE, PERIOD. Its all about expansion and impact. Taking your business and turning into a thriving company calls for Global Thinking. Maximizing your business; workforce, locations, joint ventures, investments, acquisitions and more.  We go beyond the BASICS.


A C H I E V E . . .


Group Administrator: Cherrelle Scott


Every member sharpens the other as we;

  • Become Self-Masters

  • Gain Business Intelligence (models/framework)

  • Build Business Foundations (structure/organization) and

  • Make an Impact (Grow).  

With Nichole ~ TheGr8Motivator a global leader with keen insight providing the tools and means of living out our dreams and becoming our imagination. The Father-YAHWEH is the head and at the center of your journey to greatness!

Note: IM Group mentoring/community differs from the vision/motivational mentoring program. Please make sure you check before you join. To join mentoring program click here.


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