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Elevate your motivation and receive visionary mentorship from Nichole to effectively structure and organize your vision, and successfully operate and lead a profitable business. Gain prosperity by attaining clarity, competence, and confidence to fearlessly and unapologetically grow your business. As your advisor, you will benefit from operational guidance, intellectual support, and strategic development, enabling you to build a business that withstands the test of time and witness your vision come to life.




Lead Fearlessly

Experience a risk-free, month-to-month mentoring program centered around personal growth and leadership development. Dive deep into the essential aspects of building, developing, and expanding your business. This no-nonsense program offers a focused and customized journey that spans 12 months, allowing you to progress at your own pace. We kindly request that you approach this program with unwavering commitment, dedication, and a strong determination to succeed, as it offers an intense and accelerated learning experience.


Think Big, Be Global

I collaborate closely as the COO for a period of 12 months, and additionally provide onboarding support for 24 months to the principal/CEO (owner) of the business. Successfully organizing and operating a profitable business requires exceptional leadership skills and the ability to assemble a high-performing team that can bring the vision to life. This program, offered on a 12-month retainer basis, is tailored to cater to the specific needs of your brand. For further information, please contact us directly to discuss the details.

Engineering Sketch


Crafting a tangible brand from a mere concept requires expertise in constructing a robust foundation. The pillars of building a valuable brand lie in three fundamental principles that guarantee a sturdy infrastructure.

1.     Models: defines the manner by which the business enterprise delivers value to customers, entices customers to pay for value, and converts those payments to profit. 

2.     Frameworks: describes the corporate organization or management structure or may generally outline company policies, procedures and management

3.     Architecture: articulates the functional structure of an enterprise in terms of its business services and business information.


Assemble the mechanisms of business, the "7 Fundamental Elements" that work together required to achieve operational excellence. 

  1. Forming/Structure

  2. Research/Development

  3. Marketing/Sale

  4. Finance/Funding

  5. Production/Manufacturing

  6. Distribution/Logistics

  7. Human Resources/Workforce Intelligence

Building construction
Tool Belt


Equipping yourself with all the necessary tools to meticulously plan, design, and execute comprehensive business strategies from start to finish is vital. Planning plays a pivotal role in attaining your goals, and having a complete arsenal of instruments is imperative in ensuring success.

·       SOP/OEP

·       Stay Motivated Handbook

·       Business Forms/Templates

·       Action Plans and MORE.

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