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Pearl's Retreat women's restoration, rejuvenation, and redemption get-away to prominent locations around the world. Women learn to face, embrace, cope and deal with life tragedies; hurt, pain, lost, abuse, neglect, abandonment and live fearlessly and apologetically.
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 2020 Pearls Retreat Rough Draft

Heal & Rebuild

Addressing limited beliefs, insecurities, the past and present barriers that prevent visions from coming to reality; applying the principles of preservation to be fearless and unapologetic about you breeds a life of purpose. 2020 Pearls Retreat | Heal & Rebuild is an annual all women's getaway of pure serenity, becoming one with self and joining others; freeing the spirit of captivity and the mind of mental bondage to live a life of fulfillment.




The first annual Pearls Retreat will be held in the sunny state of Florida in the sunny suburban Orlando Florida with beautiful weather, beaches, great food, activities and so much more. What better place to let go, heal and rebuild. 


The Pearl retreat is based on the 4 principles of self-preservation: Face, Embrace, Cope, and Deal!  Women are gathered in a very intimate, welcoming, and calming environment for 4 nights and 5 days to release, rejuvenate and restore the essence of our virtuality. For every challenged conquered a pearl is earned. At the end of the retreat women; Face limited beliefs, Embrace insecurities, Cope with fears and Deal with being the best version of them. 

Finally; we customize pearl necklaces symbolizing your TRANSFORMATION. 

Participants will be crowned, receive a butterfly wing pendant and given a certificate of successful transformation as a reminder of their boldness and greatness. We use pearls because they are priceless and rare as a representation of our own uniqueness and value. Women become whole trusting, believing, supporting, encouraging, empowering, teaching, guiding, uplifting and most of all Loving each other with no strings attached, a pure heart and a sound mind.

Pearl's 2020 Retreat "Heal & Rebuild"

Orlando, Florida 

Mother’s Day Getaway 5/6-5/10

4 nights and 5 Days

$1250 per person excluding flight


$200 Non-refundable Deposit

Weekly Schedule (this payment plan is optional however full balance $1250 must be paid by May 1, 2020

February $105.00 WEEKLY

March     $105.00 WEEKLY

April        $105.00 WEEKLY

For lowest fare on flights contact our personal travel specialist Comai Armstrong of Comai Travel





5 Star Resort 

Presidential Suite

2 Full Kitchen and Kitchenette

3 bathrooms

Master/Standard Bedrooms first come, first serve

Private Island


2 Poolside Bars

7 Outdoor Pools

7 Spa Tubs

Full-service Spa

3 Restaurants and more


Tennis Court

Sand Volleyball

Shuffle Board and more


Exercise, Activities and Techniques Oh My...

Mastering Your Energy and centering your spirit every morning during sun rise. Releasing all negative elements that occupy the physical body known and unknown to the naked eye in controlling all thing in and around you. A sound mind comes from peace within; understanding of self, emotional intelligence and physical fitness. 

Accessing You "Explores, Discover, Reflect And Realize" your actual self against the idea of who we are. IF we are not fully conscious of what makes us who we are we can’t confidently identify ourselves. Each day subjective psychological tools will be completed to reveal how we see ourselves; results of the assessment allow us to discover the truth and the knowledge to improve and/or change. 

Self-Love on a whole other level; facing ourselves daily promotes our love our exposes our dislikes in self. To be fearless and unapologetic you have to be please with your flaws as well as your qualities and most of all LIVE IN TRUTH. Exploring every aspect of you, good and bad, defines who you are and purpose in life. 

Rise, Overcome and Breakthrough your walk in the wilderness of trials and tribulations, dark past, and transgression by embracing your journey, enjoying the scenery and reaching your destination from where you are today and not yesterday. Learn how to let go, move on and grow from your pain. 

Build Your Being the whole point is to be a new you; not changed but improved. Bring your vision to the forefront. The whole point of transformation is to shift; level-up in different situations and spaces mentally, physically and spiritually. Create your vision board; develop your PAR System and Achieve Your Goals. 

Issa Mentality "siponit" Sessions uplift, pour life and support each other. Building a circle of like-mind and evenly yoked spirits to empower our greatness and acceptance of self through one another. “I am because we are” is about looking and seeing ourselves in another; not be intimidated, jealous or envious but inspired and motivated. 

· Breaking Bread - Full Breakfast & Dinner 

· Vision Board Party

· Spa: messages, facial, cleansing, purifying

· Daily Meditation on Key Island

· Physiology: Heath, Wealth & Fitness

· Financial Literacy – Secure the Bag

· And much more

See you there queens; Stay Motivated!


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