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Business Marketing - The Root

Where it all begins...

The content of it all is what marketing is all about.  Words; how words are put together to relay a message or give definition to a thing whether living or not is the focus in marketing. Its these very words that gives a person and/or audience knowledge, information, and understanding of a business and its solutions. It speaks to the fabric of a company that constitute its existence: culture, environment, industry, services and/or products.

Marketing, clearly defines a business cause and effects economically aligned with its ability to supply a market demand. Entrepreneurs learn the premise of relaying a message to an audience or segment. Marketing is vital to the whole business communication suite and when done properly and concretely; branding, advertising and promoting are effortless.

Business Marketing 101


  • The Concept: all content, the who/why (develop and clearly define purpose/identity)

  • BFM “Business Foundation Marketing:” Purpose, Core Values and Results/Benefits

  • The Message: Setting the tone; stating the universal significance of your business.


  • Marketing Segments/Type

  • Marketing Models: 6 Frames

  • Marketing Approaches


  • What, How, Who is the focus;

    • it’s mental the intangible skill-set of a task.

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