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Stay Motivated Ambassadors and Team Members are entrepreneurs by nature; they know exactly what it takes to bring about real change. Stay Motivated ~ Join The Movement!


Mrs. Jonnika Roshonda, Stay Motivated Ambassador ~
On Assignment...

CEO/Founder Jondi Designs

Mrs. Jonnika Roshonda Dixon Allen , born on December 3rd, 1981 in New Orleans , LA. the only child to parents Johnnie and Janet Dixon. She is the Wife to Coach Corey E. Allen Sr, of Marrero, LA. and mother to three boys ( Jourdan Dixon, Corey AllenJr. , Croye Sir Charles Allen.   Receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of New Orleans in 2004, setting out to pursue her Masters in Education Media Design & Technology shortly thereafter, she experienced a Major setback called Hurricane Katrina put plans on hold. After The Storm, she got pregnant with her first born child as a result she was Inspired to be mom; a single parent, providing for her child.

In 2007, she started my own business , by doing Freelance work in Graphics Design, Video Production, and Desktop Publishing , as trademarked JONDI Communications as a DBA. All while gaining five-years experience as an educator in Jefferson Parish Schools; and  was awarded small contracts,  by a few local organizations and churches to be their technology specialist. She decided to gain more knowledge in Business, graduating with a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. After graduation, she added to her list of specialties Website Design and began consulting as a small business owner in  Digital Marketing Strategy.

In 2015,  she launched Queen Rising the Movement, a community organization geared to prevent domestic violence, homelessness, and  prevalent dangers that affect women; offering self-esteem building and women empowerment activities.  In 2019,  QRTM Digital Magazine was launched, in order to provide resources, insight, and promote women rising up in there own kingdoms , as a way to push the organization Queen Rising The Movement as an outlet of awareness nationally.


Abdoul Madjid Saley

(CEO / founder of YouVision)

Abdoul Madjid Saley was born Niger Republic to a middle class family of four children.

Abdoul had been volunteering for 2 years in a non-profit organization dedicated to underprivileged children. After high school, he went on to pursue a higher education at the African university where he studied law, international relations (diplomacy and conflict resolution).

Abdoul Madjid has always had the passion of connecting with people from different countries; he loves nature, animals, discoveries, foreign languages, designing and Jeet Kune Do. Today, he is the founder and CEO of YouVision, an international visionary coaching program.

Abdoul Madjid believes that we can be successful and achieve great things in life if we take the time to think over and over and take action; he thinks that cooperation is mandatory in order to succeed and we must respect people in their differences and focus on what we have the most in common.

Penny Sibby.jpg

Pennie Sibby, Stay Motivated Ambassador ~ On Assignment...

CEO/Founder Royal Kisses Inc.

Pennie Sibby is the Owner/CEO of Billionairess Royal Kisses Inc. She is a mother of a four-year-old and a wife for 21 years. She has an entrepreneur most of her life since the age of 21 and in the cosmetic industry for a total of 7 years. Royal Kisses was launched in 2010 and has since she has married her passion of creating products from her home office from scratch to business, sharing her God given talents with the masses.  Her slogan is; Fit for A Queen; Custom Made For You!

Her passion is to create makeup that stand out from the rest naturally while promoting beauty through a healthy cosmetic line. BYK products were born, created using all-natural paraben free ingredients. Her products differ from the rest because as the owner She is involved in every step of the process from manufacturing to customer satisfaction; all of the customer needs and well-being are at the forefront. Her business gains a competitive edge with chemical free formulas and most of all the passion and love for all thing’s beauty. Billionairess Royal Kisses Inc; Cosmetics Are Fit for A Queen; Custom Made for You!


Janelle Santana, Stay Motivated Ambassador - On Assignment

CEO/Founder JS Self Care Coaching

Janell Santana- Sims, founder of JS Self-Care. Is a Social Worker, and a Certified Life Coach possessing extensive training in the following areas; Trauma-Informed Care, Emotional First Aide and Motivational Interviewing. As an advocate for healthy relationships and Human Service professional with many years of experience helping families who have been victims of trauma; such as; physical abuse, sexual abuse, mental  abuse and domestic abuse and any other form of abuse. Janell possess the tools and skills needed to assist you in developing coping skills.

JS Self-Care provides services to victims preventing being abused again along with consultation in other areas they may be struggling in. JS Self Care also provides services to victimizers so they won't victimize again. Our services are virtual, in your home, person-centered, in a group, or couple sessions. As a certified coaching professional my clients use their minds and their hearts with techniques developed through personal experiences and helping others like family members, friends and even strangers.  Today, JS Self-Care caters to all and gives me great pleasure to be walking purposely.